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In last week’s blog post, we talked about how to map out your website and what you need to think about, to ensure it achieves what you want it to do. Once this is clear, you can start to think about what to include on your website.

Each page of your website should have a specific purpose and an action for your visitor to take. Get this right and you can then start to drive traffic to your website.

Here’s a guide for each page on your site and what you need to include, to ensure a good customer journey.

Your website homepage

Your homepage is like the cover of a book. It’s there to give your visitors a teaser of what’s to come, once they enter your site. It needs to be designed in a way that captures their attention, reassures them that they’re in the right place, and encourages them to explore further – to look inside.

The About page on your website

Your About page is one of the most important pages on your website. It lets visitors know about you and what you do. It’s there to build trust and to showcase your personal story and USP. Focus on how you solve your ideal client’s problems – because you want them to then click through to explore how to work with you.

Your Work With Me page

This page gives visitors an overview of what it’s like to work with you and how to take that next step. Think about using it to showcase the experience and results they’ll get from working with you. You can then include a link through to either book a call or explore your services.

Services and sales pages need to be included on your website

A services page is like an online shop of what you have to offer. It gives a summary overview of each service, but with the intent visitors click through to the sales page to find out more. You don’t always need a services page, especially if you’re only offering a couple of different options. But no matter how many services/products you have, each one will need its own sales page. Your sales page is where the conversion happens. They will take the visitor on a complete journey from interested through to purchase, covering objections along the way. 

Your website Contact page

Your contact page is a simple yet essential page to include on your website. It’s a frequently visited page and shows visitors how to contact you if they want to reach out. Visitors to this page often want immediate help of some kind – they either want to contact you or need help finding something. That’s why it’s also a good idea to use this page to link to the main areas of your site – such as your Work With Me page or your Blog page.

Your blog

Your blog page is one of the few pages on your site that regularly gets updated. Publishing new content not only helps your SEO but also ensures you’re constantly offering valuable content for your visitors. It enables you to connect with your audience and help them start to get to know you and how you can help them more.

Testimonials and reviews

This page is all about showcasing social proof. Visitors are reassured when they see that others have used your services before. They can be inspired by the results others have received and confirm that they’re making a good choice, working with you.

Freebies and resources

A freebies and resources page enables you to put a lot of useful information in one place. It’s like an introduction to you and how you work, how you can help them. It shows how useful you can be to them.

Include Opt-in pages on your website

Your opt-in pages serve to capture a visitor’s name and email address. Their main purpose is to turn a casual website visitor into a lead. They’ve looked around your site and want to get to know you more, by trying out your free or low-cost offers. 

Each page of your website serves an important purpose. But it’s important to realise that not all visitors will go through your website in order. That’s why each and every page must leave a good impression and remind your visitors why they may just want to stick around.

My website planning tool covers everything you need to plan out the perfect website. You can access it here:


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Lisa Pierce

Lisa Pierce

Lisa is an Online Business + Energy Aliignment Coach. She uses her skills and experience to help business owners who are stuck at a certain level to break through and move forward with confidence and vigour.


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