What to focus on when you need new clients

Clients are essential for every business. You need to have a consistent strategy for bringing in new referrals if you’re going to continue growing. But it isn’t always easy to know what that might look like, especially when you’re in a position of needing them now. So what can you do, what do you focus on, when you need new clients?

Here are five simple strategies you can use when you need new clients for your business. Add them into your marketing and promotional calendar and your daily or weekly actions, as together, they can form a big part of that consistent strategy you need to have in place!

Check back in with your clients (old and new)

Start with your previous and existing clients. Is there a new service or offer you could go to them with? Just reaching out and asking if they need help with anything right now might help bring in more work.

Remember, it’s a lot easier to provide additional services and support to an existing client than to attract a brand new client. Plus, it’s worth letting them know you’re looking for new clients too – as they may just have the perfect person to refer over to you!

Think of a no-brainer offer you could create

When you need new clients, think about a new offer you could put out there. You want one that solves your ideal client’s problem now and is a no-brainer for them. What do we mean by this? Something that has tons of value, solves their biggest problem, or is at a price that makes it a total YES for them!

It’s also a good idea to check in with your ideal client avatar and tweak it, if necessary. You could also send out a poll or survey to your mailing list (or post it on social media) to see what they need help with right now. This could give you an idea for something you could turn into a new offer for your ideal client. 

Promote your offer

If you need new clients, make sure you’re actually promoting your offers! Pick one offer a month to focus on, and then ensure you’re talking about it on social media. Also, send out emails to your list, again talking about and promoting that same offer. 

Look to also reach out to any warm leads you currently have. Your mailing list will cover some of them – but also check back through previous DMs, discovery calls and emails, for any other warm leads you could reach out to.

Share some testimonials if you want new clients

Sharing testimonials is another good way to get in front of potential new clients. It also helps raise your profile and showcase what results you can achieve. So look to share as many testimonials as you can. Don’t have many? Get some new ones by asking previous and existing clients if they’d like to write one. Revamp old ones by creating new graphics for them or repurposing them into video or Instagram stories.

Start networking on and offline

Online and offline networking is another essential business strategy that should be part of your regular marketing strategy. Be active in the communities you’re a part of. This can be anything from local Chamber of Commerce meetups, right through to online business Facebook groups you’re in. 

Take the opportunity to share your knowledge, celebrate your wins and generally help other members within those communities. It all serves to help you get visible and put you in front of your ideal clients. You can also promote your client availability within the groups as well.

Clients are essential for every business, and if you need new clients, the activities above will help. They can become part of your overall ongoing marketing strategy and work well alongside regularly promoting your lead magnet, building your list, social media and email marketing

But also ensure you’re focusing on implementing new daily mindset habits too. They’re another essential thing to focus on if you want to stay positive when you’re looking for new clients, too.

So over to you! Let me know what you think of today’s blog post. Did you find the five simple strategies useful? Are there any additional strategies you’d add to the list? Let me know in the comments section below!


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Lisa Pierce

Lisa Pierce

Lisa is an Online Business Consultant & Energy Clearing Practitioner. She uses her skills and experience to help business owners who are stuck at a certain level to break through and move forward with confidence and vigour.

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Lisa Pierce 

Online Business Consultant & Energy Clearing Practitioner

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