Top tech and marketing trends for 2021

Business owners the world over are breathing a huge sigh of relief that 2020 is finally over! However, if the COVID epidemic taught us anything, it’s how important tech is to our business success. More and more businesses have embraced the tech and marketing solutions available online and this is something that isn’t going to stop anytime soon. 

So with that being said, here’s a brief rundown of some of those top tech and marketing trends you need to be aware of as we move into 2021.

Email marketing is still the most effective marketing tool

As far as marketing trends for 2021 go, email marketing is still going to be the top dog. Because let’s face it, it’s THE most effective marketing tool for your online business. 

Mailerlite talks about this in their blog post on email marketing trends for 2021. They also mention some cool ways you can implement the growing marketing trends that matter, within your email marketing campaigns.

Automated processes play a huge role in the marketing trends for 2021

Something else Mailerlite mentions within that same blog post is the rise of no-code tools. No-code tools are designed to help non-technical users create apps, websites and automations, without needing to understand coding or create complex workflows etc themselves.

Software tools like zapier can also help you automate the processes within your online business using the tools you already have in place. Again, without the need for coding, this helps you keep costs down and create the customisations and automations you need, to provide the best possible solutions to your clients. [Check out my top marketing automation tools here!]

If you want to grow in 2021, you need to be online

COVID meant a lot of businesses needed to pivot and get online in 2020 – and this is likely to continue to be the case in 2021. Business owners are now seeing how crucial it is to have an online presence, as well as understanding how online tools and solutions can really benefit their businesses.

Online virtual experiences and meetups will continue to rise during 2021. Not only does this enable business owners to continue building great relationships and networks for their clients, it’s also opened up additional opportunities for business growth too.

Integrated social media shopping experiences are key to online selling success

Talking of online experiences, the role social media channels play in your marketing funnels will change more during 2021. As Forbes points out in their digital marketing trends for 2021 article, social media always used to be part of the discovery phase. 

But with social commerce continuing to grow, thanks to integrated shops such as ‘Instagram Shop’, it’s so much easier for consumers to buy online from you, without ever having to leave the social media space – making it a powerful part of the purchase phase of your marketing.

One of the top marketing trends for the year ahead: Your online content needs to be relevant

With more and more businesses getting online, competition is growing. As Convince & Convert mention in their content marketing trends for 2021 article, you want to stand out from the crowd, your content needs to be relevant. 

That includes giving instant answers to your potential clients immediate questions and creating key content that will get you noticed.

Marketing trends for 2021 revolve around smart remarketing

Convince & Convert also go on to talk about the importance of remarketing. Because as we all know, it’s no good getting in front of your ideal audience once and giving them the answers to their questions, only to disappear without a trace aftwards!  

It’s far more effective to build a smart remarketing platform that reminds them that you’re on hand again. Use email marketing automation based on past engagement, remind them to take advantage of your free solutions, and create a personalised site experience just for them, when they do return to your site.

The 3 top tech tools you need to try out in 2021

And talking of marketing trends, I want to introduce you to Flodesk and Cixli – two new top tech tools to try out in 2021. Flodesk is a new(ish) email marketing tool and Clixli is a new all-in-one platform. The reasons I love them are as follows 

[Please note, this section contains affiliate links, so if you click on any of the following links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no cost to yourself.  However, I will only recommend products that I find useful and have either used myself or with clients. You can learn more about my privacy policy here.] 

Top tech tool #1: Flodesk 

Email marketing tool Flodesk is simple to use and very visual. If you have a visual brand or product business it’s definitely worth you checking it out! Click to check out Flodesk

Top tech tool #2: Clixli

Clixli is a very reasonably priced all-in-one solution. With pricing starting from $27 per month for one website and one funnel, this website and funnel builder is something you’ll want to investigate and try out. Click here to check out Clixli.  

Top tech tool #3: Voxer

I know Voxer isn’t new, but I’m seeing more and more coaches offering packages via Voxer and have seen the benefits of using it myself with my clients. It’s a really quick and easy way of communicating via voice or text, to coach or feedback on things your clients need help with. It’s also especially useful if you’re a mum and have kids about (will come in handy if the schools shut again)! You can check out Voxer here.

So over to you! What do you think about the top tech and marketing trends of 2021? Which ones are you going to implement within your business for the year ahead? I’d love to hear what you think and your plans for 2021, so do leave a comment below!


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Lisa Pierce

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