Stepping up as a business owner

Are you stepping up as a business owner? It’s a question many will ask and ponder on, but implementing it is often a little more challenging! However, when you decide to step up, you’re able to ramp up your self-belief, show up more consistently and increase your abilities to achieve your goals. You’re also opening the way to improving your working practices and providing a more profound, more connected experience for you and your clients. 

No matter what type of business you have or how established you are, there are some simple ways you can step up. Here are three simple ones to get you started.

Stepping up as a business owner means owning your authority

Each time your clients and potential clients reach out to you, you have an opportunity to own your authority. Authority is a lot like reputation; they both take time to build, and your clients help you to gauge how well you’re doing! Word of mouth referrals, recommendations and reviews, endorsements and engagement on your social media posts all help showcase how well you’re stepping up as a business owner.

But you also need to be able to own your authority without those external validations. Authority isn’t something you automatically have – you have to build it. And that means having the confidence and belief in yourself and your abilities. It’s knowing that you have a way to provide a valuable service to your clients, and you’re being of service to them by showing up and owning your expertise. [You can read more about owning your authority here.]

Become conscious of your business practices

What does it mean to become conscious in your business practices? It’s about being aware of how you’re doing business. Are you showing up in the best way possible for you and your clients? Are you honouring your expertise, your vision and your overall business mission?

Do you know what your business values are – and are they in line with your personal ones?

Becoming conscious of your business practices is also about becoming aware of your impact on others. You don’t need to have a mission that will change the world, but you do need to appreciate how you positively change the lives of those around you. It’s a responsibility as well as a privilege bestowed upon every conscious business owner. [You can read more about my thoughts on becoming a conscious online business consultant here.]

Commit to stepping up as a business owner

It can be a difficult pill to swallow, but we can all do better. We can all commit to stepping up and doing more to help make the online world a more authentic place – for ourselves and our clients.

I’ve recently been sharing my own journey towards achieving my Conscious Consultant Certification with you. It’s one of the big ways I’m stepping up as a business owner, taking responsibility and embracing my own authority.

Stepping up as a business owner doesn’t have to equate to big changes – the small ones matter too! Take your boundaries, for example. Honouring them helps illustrate your authenticity, but they also help hold your clients accountable for their actions. 

Because when you step up in your own business, you’re also helping your clients step up too. You’re showing them their potential and the possibilities that are open to them. You’re helping them to raise their vibration and see how even the smallest of changes will impact themselves and those around them – and you’re illustrating that there are authentic, conscious and caring business owners in the online space.



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Lisa Pierce

Lisa Pierce

Lisa is an Online Business Consultant & Energy Clearing Practitioner. She uses her skills and experience to help business owners who are stuck at a certain level to break through and move forward with confidence and vigour.

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Lisa Pierce 

Online Business Consultant & Energy Clearing Practitioner

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