About Lisa Pierce

About Lisa Pierce

My Story

I’m a certified Online Business Strategist & Energy Clearing Practitioner, digital marketing expert and tech geek!!

I have over 14 years of digital marketing and small business experience having helped other online businesses to launch and scale their products and services. 

Being made redundant twice – once after returning from maternity leave and the second while I was only 7 weeks pregnant – was the catalyst for me starting up my own business – and also the biggest confidence knock.

Like many other working Mums, I craved the flexibility and freedom to work around my small children.

I started out with a product business creating handmade silver keepsake jewellery. It was definitely a learning curve and one that I was meant to go through but I quickly burnt out. I knew I could use my marketing skills but I felt like I didn’t have the confidence or experience to go out there and do it. 

It was only by doing deep mindset work that I was able to put those fears aside and launch my marketing consultancy. I quickly built up a client base of amazing clients and realised that they all have fears and many of them were scared of the tech.

So that lead me onto offering tech implementation of marketing systems such as email marketing, website and course and member platforms. 

I’ve had a wide range of clients over the years including coaches, consultants, therapists, healers, photographers, yoga teachers and product businesses.  

At the beginning of 2021 I realised something was missing. I could still see that my clients had fears and limiting beliefs that were holding them back and I wanted to help them but felt I wasn’t qualified or equipped to. I could use my intuition but felt they deserved more…

It was soon after this that my mentor Gemma Went put a post out about her Conscious Consultant Certification and it sounded like the perfect fit. 

The certification combines business strategy and energy clearing and I have recently certified. 

It felt like all the pieces fell into place and I realised that this is what I’m meant to be doing. 

The Business Healer™ was born and I am ready to use my experience and expertise to help heart-led business owners like you, remove the blocks that have been stopping you from growing and implement an aligned business strategy that will enable you to reach those big goals of yours.

I have a gift, amazing skills and tools and I’m here to help as many business owners to grow and thrive as I can.

Client Love Notes

“I have nothing but absolute praise for Lisa. She is patient and kind, and explains the things in simple terms without any judgement! It’s like having a deep tissue massage! All the stress just goes.”

Gill Smith

Connect Coaching

“I think the biggest thing I feel since working with you, is ‘unblocked’ – I’m making quicker decisions because I know you are working really quickly to make things happen.”

Rachel Till

Extend PR & Marketing

“You want Lisa by your side as you launch because she genuinely cares and wants to find ways in which to take away any stress. She has a lovely way about her and always goes the extra mile”

Deborah O'Grady

The Brand Coach & Co

What Can I Do for You?

You’re a heart-lead business owner who’s passionate about changing the lives of your clients and customers but you are feeling so stuck.

You find yourself buying the courses and joining the memberships only to not implement your new found knowledge. 

The thing is you probably already know what you need to do deep inside but you have fears and limiting beliefs that are keeping you small and preventing your growth. 

But you probably don’t actually know this. 

You’re frustrated that month after month, year after year you’re still not hitting the goals you set for yourself. 

You have built your business and you know it works and is viable but you can’t seem to push through to that next level yet. Some months are great but then that’s followed by a bad month and you are fed up with not having consistent income and getting stressed over money. 

To be quite honest, you are sick of the online business world and often find yourself stuck in the scroll, comparing yourself to others and feeling pretty crap about everything. 

You are not alone, my lovely. Take a deep breath and say this affirmation to yourself:

“I am enough”.

Simple but powerful isn’t it?

You are enough and you have everything you need inside of you to move forward.

And the good news is there is a way that you can move past all of this. 

I can help you to clear the blocks that are in the way of your growth so you can push through with confidence and vigour.

We can then create an aligned strategy for your business that will generate a consistent stream of leads and revenue for your business – AND my team can even help you set up all the tech too so you don’t need to worry about the headache of implementing it all.

If this sounds like something you need then, check out all the ways you can work with me here or set up a free call here.

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