Online Business Audit

Want to shortcut your success in an easy step by step way? 

Introducing the all new Online business Audit

Join me for this 60 minute session where we go deep on what’s keeping you stuck in your business. We’ll uncover all of your growth gaps and you’ll gain the clarity you need to take the next steps in your business journey.

Quite often we can’t see the wood through the trees in our business. One of my clients actually said “you can’t see the label from inside the bottle” and this is so true. How can you know what’s stopping you from reaching your goals when you’ve been so close to everything for so long? 

The beauty of the Online Business Audit is that it gathers all the information we need to move you forward in your business. 

Imagine finally knowing the priority areas you need to focus on right now to propel you forward? No more guessing what you need to do.

By the end of the audit you’ll: 

  • be able to ditch the overwhelm and have clear actions to take.
  • know the exact areas that your business needs attention on so that you can prioritise those first.
  • have uncovered the energy and time sucks in your business.
  • know what’s holding your back at a mindset and energetic level.

It’s time to take back control and grow a business you love

During the audit I will be taking you through 54 data points across the five core pillars of online business – Research, Strategy, Marketing, Operations & Mindset. 

Each of these pillars is essential to your online business growth. We will be identifying the gaps in each of these pillars. By knowing what these gaps are you will have the clarity you need to move forward.

This is for you if: 

  • You’re feeling stuck and you’re not sure what’s holding you back.
  • You need fresh eyes on your business (from a Certified Online Business Consultant with heaps of experience of the online business world).
  • You’re ready for the next level but can’t quite figure out what the steps are to get there.
  • You’re ready to take the action, you just need to know what to do.
  • You’re ok with delving deep and answering insightful questions.

What you will get:

  • A 60 minute zoom session with me (recorded).
  • Audit of the five core business pillars.
  • You will receive your Urgency Score and your Essential Updates Score which shows us how much needs to be worked on to help you move to your next level. 
  • You will be sent a report of the findings which includes the specific areas that need an Urgent Update or and Essential Update. 
  • My bespoke recommendations to help you reach your goals.

Ready to know the next steps you need to take to move your business forward to the next level?

Yes? I can’t wait! Let’s get you booked in shall we?

All you need to do is select your preferred date from the calendar below, fill in the form as detailed as you can and pay the £99. 

Then I will see you on the call. All you need to bring to the call is you and your wonderful brain. 

What my clients think…

Really useful for an outsider's perspective as I'm obviously too emotionally invested! Lisa was great at helping me focus on the gaps in my business model. She made me focus on areas I'd given little thought to and gently persuaded me to consider those areas that I didn't want to think about! Lisa offered advice on surveys, competitors, business stratergies, aligned marketing systems as well as a little insight into her mindset and energy clearing services. As always, friendly, understanding and professional.
Molly Crowther
Meadowside Yoga & Reflexology
Before having an online business audit, I was feeling as if something was 'off' with my business. Intuitively, I felt there were a few areas of concern, but I needed clarity and reassurance that those initial thoughts were right - I needed an outside perspective, and that's what the business audit gave me. Lisa was able to help me pinpoint the overriding issue that affected those areas of concern, and give me a useful starting point to make positive changes.
Sarah White
Meadowside Yoga & Reflexology

Who am I?

I’m Lisa Pierce, The Business Healer and I’m a certified Online Business Consultant and Energy Clearing Practitioner with over 14 years of digital marketing experience and 7 years of online business experience under my belt. 

I have helped hundreds of small business owners over the past few years to launch and grow their businesses and I have all the tools at my fingertips to help you to break through to the next level without procrastination, fear, stress and the limiting beliefs that were once holding you back.