How (& why!) you should carry out a business tech audit

When was the last time you carried out a business tech audit? Let me ask you something – how many platforms have you signed up for because you thought they sounded amazing? And how many are you actually not doing anything with? 

That’s one of the big issues with tech, and I see it all the time. Most tech tools will promote a great-sounding solution. And we all know that tech can be great for helping businesses grow, scale, market and get organised. But this can only happen if you use the right tech at the right time.

Before you invest in any business tech, you need to know how the platform, tool or app can help you. Because if you don’t, you just end up getting overwhelmed, accumulating a load of useless tech, and pouring money down the drain.

How to carry out a business tech audit

It’s time to assess those subscriptions and decide if you really need them. That’s what a business tech audit will help you do. You’re going to look at every piece of tech you have and follow a simple system for establishing its usefulness to you. Here’s how you do that. 

Step #1: Start your business tech audit by listing out all the platforms you have signed up to

Whether you use them or not, whether they are free or paid – list them all out. You might want to do this in a spreadsheet, so you can keep adding to it over time.

Step #2: Ask yourself this crucial question!

Now add a column with the title ‘Am I using this platform?’. Be honest! It’s not an ‘Am I thinking of using this platform’ kind of question – because intention doesn’t count here.

Step #3: If your answer is a ‘yes’…

Keep all the ‘yes’ tech tools in one area, as you’re going to filter them a little more in a minute.

Step #4: If the answer is a ‘no’…

Add all the ‘no’ answers to another column titled ‘Why did I sign up for this platform?’

Step #5: Why did you sign up for this platform?

Now you get to answer that question! If you can’t come up with a good reason, ditch it. Go and stop your subscription now. There’s no point in keeping a platform that you might use ‘one day’.

Step #6: Is there a newer, better alternative for the tech you’re using? 

Tech changes, goes out of date and gets superseded. So allow yourself a little time to see if you have the most up-to-date version. If there’s a better solution out there, ask yourself why you haven’t yet changed. Is it the hassle of changing, or do you prefer the solution you have?

Step #7: Carry out a regular business tech audit

This isn’t something that you should do as a one-off activity. A business tech audit needs to be carried out every 3-6 months.

Tech can provide so many great solutions to you and your business. It can help you stay visible, organised and productive, whilst also helping grow your business. Check out How to use tech to your advantage as an introvert in business for some insights into how tech can help.

Tech is also something that can cause many business owners stress. There are so many solutions to choose from, and that’s often why a business tech audit is needed – you may find yourself accumulating a lot of it! So if you’re looking for help with picking the right solutions for you, check out Choosing tech without the stress.


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Lisa Pierce

Lisa Pierce

Lisa is an Online Business Consultant & Energy Clearing Practitioner. She uses her skills and experience to help business owners who are stuck at a certain level to break through and move forward with confidence and vigour.

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Lisa Pierce 

Online Business Consultant & Energy Clearing Practitioner

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