How to get back to business this autumn

Are you getting ready to get back to business? I always see September as the start of a fresh, new year. The kids are back at school, everyone is waking up again after having a break over the summer, and autumn is in the air. It feels like a restart. 

You may have set goals at the beginning of the year that you haven’t achieved yet (I know I certainly have!), but now’s the chance to take stock, look at what you wanted to achieve, and reset those goals. It’s the best way to get back into business mode after time away. After all, there are still 4 months of the year left to go for you to achieve them – so what’s stopping you? 

Tips for getting back to business

If you’re not sure where to get started, here are my top tips for getting you back into business mode again.

Check-in with your goals 

I’m a big fan of regularly checking in with your goal progress, as it helps keep you motivated and on track. I work in 90-day chunks throughout the year. September is the start of my next 90 days, so I’ll start by reviewing my last 90 days and checking my progress before planning out my next. 

If this is something you’ve not done before or have not done for a while, you can find out more on the idea, and the how-to’s in Brian P Moran’s book ‘The 12 Week Year’. [It also makes content planning a lot easier too! Check out this podcast from Gemma Went for details on how to do this.]

Get them down on paper (or in digital format!)

No matter what your goals are, it always helps to have them written down. Not only does writing them down help you remember them, but it also increases your chances of achieving them too.

I have everything in Asana and have my main goals written on a Post-It note in front of me as a reminder of what I’m working towards.

Break them down

If you’ve had a little time away from your business, those goals may seem a little overwhelming right now. That’s why you need to break them down into smaller tasks. The smaller the task, the easier it will be to achieve. 

The beauty of breaking down your goals is you’ll see yourself making progress quicker. And the more you see yourself progressing – the more motivated you’ll be. Just make sure to schedule in time to complete those tasks. Otherwise, they may get pushed aside for other jobs on your to-do list.

Who do you need to be to get back to business?

Another good tip is to think about who you need to be in the next 3 months to achieve those goals. What do you need to do to become that person? Is there anything you need to change about how you act or what you say to yourself? Could you set yourself a positive anchor to step into that person? Maybe it’s the scent of a particular perfume, a piece of jewellery, or a specific outfit you wear that helps you step into becoming that person you need to be.

Spend some time journaling on this to see what comes up for you. It can bring up many limiting beliefs, so be gentle and kind with yourself on this one.

What will help you achieve them?

Next, look at what else you can do or implement to help you achieve your goals. Do you need to automate your systems to free up your time? Maybe you need to write that nurture sequence for your new lead magnet? Or, if your mindset is an issue, do you need to look at getting a better morning routine in place?

Have weekly progress check-ins

It’s crucial that you check in with your goals on a weekly basis. Not only does this help you to check progress, but it also helps you make tweaks and amend your direction as needed. Set aside a weekly date with yourself to check your progress and reward yourself for any achievements, and forward progress on your goals.

Get yourself some accountability

Sharing your goals with someone is a great way to ramp up your motivation and accountability. You can get yourself some accountability in a variety of ways. Posting your goal intentions on social media is one way, as it makes it difficult to hide from your goals if you’ve made them public! You could also get an accountability buddy. Ask in one of the business groups you’re in, or ask a friend if they’d like to do joint accountability. And if you want to seriously ramp up the commitment – get yourself a business mentor or coach!

Getting back to business after a break can be daunting. But with September often feeling like a fresh start, it’s a naturally great time to ramp up those intentions. Use the tips above to help you get restarted on those goals and help you finish your year on a high. And if you’re looking for additional tips, check out the recent blog post: How to stick to your goals and keep them on track, too!

So now it’s over to you! Did the above tips help you get back on track? Why not share your thoughts and results in the comments section below!


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Lisa Pierce

Lisa Pierce

Lisa is an Online Business Consultant & Energy Clearing Practitioner. She uses her skills and experience to help business owners who are stuck at a certain level to break through and move forward with confidence and vigour.

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Lisa Pierce 

Online Business Consultant & Energy Clearing Practitioner

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