Heal® SOS Session

Heal® SOS Session

Want a quick fix that will get you unstuck and leave you feeling calm and relaxed about your business? 

Introducing The HEAL® SOS Sessions

This is for you’ve been feeling the fears or feeling stuck right now.

In this 90-minute block-busting session we’ll address the most pressing thing that’s holding you back in your business right now.

🤔 Maybe you’re feeling the fear of putting yourself out there and being visible.

🤔 Maybe you’ve had a few successful months and boom you’ve hit an upper limit and your sabotaging.

🤔 Maybe you’re just about to launch and want to step into your power and go into the launch with the self-belief and trust you need for it to be a success.

🤔 Maybe you’re blocking clients and money coming in and you can’t put your finger on what it is.

🤔 Maybe you’re procrastinating on the big thing you know you should be working on.

We’ll get to the bottom of whatever it is that’s holding you back and we’ll clear it so that you can move forward.


Firstly we explore ways going on for you right now. I’ll ask you questions and we’ll dig deep to get the answers.

Then I’ll select The Expansion Codes that will quickly clear your problems from your energy system.

The Expansion Codes® are specifically designed with the online business owner in mind to help you feel courageous, empowered and self-assured so that you can step up and be the expert, be comfortable in your own skin, move forward and grow your business and wealth that you so desire.

The codes clear the blocks from the energy system and are designed to focus on a particular problem and cover self sabotage, judgement, self worth, expert, money, joy, abundance and self trust.

This is what you’ll get…

💥 A 90 minute session where we’ll explore the problems you’re facing right now.

💥 I’ll run 4 of The Expansion Codes to clear the blocks you’re experiencing.

💥 You’ll get self care and mindset actions to take away and practice daily to help with the clearing process and for you to fully embody your next level.

💥 2 weeks of after care where you’ll get regular check ins from me and you can access me via Voxer or email.

Ready to know the next steps you need to take to move your business forward to the next level?

Yes? I can’t wait! Let’s get you booked in shall we?

All you need to do is select a one off session or the package of 4 sessions below. You will then be sent a link to book your session.  

Then I will see you on zoom at your chosen time. 

What my clients think…

"My business audit + energy clearing session with Lisa was wonderful! It came at the perfect time when I was feeling overwhelmed, uncertain and doubting the best decisions to make for myself + the business. Lisa took me through the auditing process and looked at all the areas of my business, suggesting actions to take when there was an area that needed improvement. The energy clearing part of the session was incredible. I felt an immediate release and ended the session feeling like I was floating on cloud 9. I feel much more at peace with myself, the decisions I'm making and my business since my session and would highly recommend booking one if you're feeling overwhelmed, doubting yourself, aren't sure what the right next move is or if you want to learn how to improve your business. Lisa is so friendly and instantly makes you feel at ease whilst you're speaking with her. Feeling so comfortable made it easy for me to be honest and share things that felt a little vulnerable without worrying that I'd be judged. Lisa is fantastic at what she does and I'm so grateful to have had this session with her."
Rebecca Hawkes
Confidence & Pricing Coach
"Working with Lisa for energy clearing has been game changing for my business. Over the course of a few months she guided me through all the codes so I could really up-level in my business. Lisa has a beautiful calm demeanour - a natural coach. I felt safe & supported during the sessions & she took time to explain the importance of self care & the personalised embodiment practices in getting the most from this work. Shortly after finishing the codes I had not only my biggest sales & cash months in business, but also my largest sales week at over £25,000! All while feeling more joy & trust than ever. If you’re thinking of working with Lisa to clear your energy & grow your business I 100% recommend it!"
Emma-Louise Parkes
Business & Mindset Coach
"Really useful for an outsider's perspective as I'm obviously too emotionally invested! Lisa was great at helping me focus on the gaps in my business model. She made me focus on areas I'd given little thought to and gently persuaded me to consider those areas that I didn't want to think about! Lisa offered advice on surveys, competitors, business stratergies, aligned marketing systems as well as a little insight into her mindset and energy clearing services. As always, friendly, understanding and professional."
Molly Crowther
Yoga Instructor & Reflexologist