Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing

The Conscious Energy Clearing® Method is a method I have been trained in and have experienced for myself first hand while I was training as part of The Conscious Consultant Certification®.

The method was developed by Gemma Went in collaboration with Michelle Lowbridge who is an expert energy healer and the creator of Energy Editing®. It’s the same principles but this was created as a bespoke energy healing method.

It’s a simple method, that has big results. The key to it’s success is that you believe it can work. I completely 100% believe it works. I have seen first hand what it’s done for me as well as the other practitioners who I trained with.

So what is energy?

We are all energy, everything around us is energy and everything is connected.

When we work with our energy we can unblock and unlock so many things that have been stuck within our system.

How is this different from other mindset modalities?

While mindset modalities work with the subconscious mind, energy clearing works with our energy bodies. When we heal these things that come up in the subconscious through hypnotherapy, RTT, NLP etc it can leave imprints within our energy system and this can block our flow.

This is why mindset work alone doesn’t always fully work because it can keep coming up again and again.

How does The Conscious Energy Clearing® Method work?

The Conscious Energy Clearing® Method clears from BOTH the subconscious AND the energy bodies.

The best way to describe our energy bodies is by imagining a set of Russian Dolls.

Take a look at the image of the energy system, each energy body is a layer that sits on top of the previous one, interacting with each other, with our chakras, with our meridians and with physical body, spiritual being (source, god, universe, spirit team) and our outside world.

This shows you how it all connects. The circles going down the middle are our energy centres or chakras and this is what we work with when we are clearing the energy from our system.

This energy system is our blueprint and it’s involved in everything we do. Every thought, every experience, every belief is represented within those energy bodies.

When the energy system is working well everything is in flow and everything we do seems easy and “in flow”. The greater the flow the higher your frequency and vibration. The higher your frequency and vibration the more you attract like for like and the more you attract things at that higher frequency.

When you’re stuck at a lower frequency you will attract negative things in your life and it’s because something is stuck within your energy system.

Our thoughts and beliefs are stored in our energy body and this frames our outlook having a massive effect on our lives and how we show up.

There can be a blockage in any of these energy bodies. When there is a block this is when we have a negative experience or a thought or limiting belief and this slows down or stops the flow. This is stored in our energy system and creates our thoughts and behaviours connected to it until it is cleared, creating resistance.

The energy bodies work with our chakras. These are energetic centres that connect with our physical body and our energy bodies and act like a communication centre.

As a practitioner I work with the energy bodies, the chakras and the meridians clearing anything that stands in my clients way.

The Energy System

The Expansion Codes®

The Expansion Codes® are designed to help you feel courageous, emboldened, unapologetic, undaunted, heartened, empowered and self-assured so that you can step up and be the expert, be comfortable in your own skin and move forward and grow your business and wealth you so desire.

The codes clear the blocks from the energy system and are designed to focus on a particular problem and cover self sabotage, judgement, self worth, expert, money, joy, abundance and self trust.

We will talk through what you need before our session.

The process

During the process I hold space for my clients to step into the next level version of themselves by clearing what’s standing in their way energetically.

The session runs as follows:

  1. We focus on a thought, feeling or phrase.
  2. This triggers a specific response in the energy system and a particular frequency or combination of frequencies are activated.
  3. We then place the hands over the energy centres in a specific way. You will place your hands on your own energy centres and will be guided by me.
  4. This allows the energy system to release the energy that has been activated, which clears the limiting belief, negative narrative or resistance.

We’re not looking to revisit old wounds or stories, or bring up trauma, we simply turn up the stress and feeling to clear it.

However you experience this is right. There is no typical or right way, it’s simply your journey.

You may not notice any change at all right away and that’s fine. You may notice it right away, and that’s fine. 

The Words / Phrases

Generally the word or phrase we focus on will trigger a stressful or unhelpful frequency in the energy system.

By using the hands we’re able to release that stressful frequency quickly and permanently out of the energy system.

Because the energy system is our blueprint, the frequencies it holds determine everything about us, including our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, fears, behaviours.

When we release a frequency, for example for a thought, the blueprint no longer carries the pattern for that thought, so we stop thinking it.

If we release the frequency of a fear, the fear is no longer present in our blueprint.

If we release the frequencies that trigger a certain behaviour, the behaviour stops.

The Hand Positions

The hand position connects the energy up in a way that allows stress to release from the system.

There are energy centres and meridian points in the hands. The left side of the body also represents the feminine or yin energy, and the right side the masculine, yang energy. (In other codes if we’re using dominant / non-dominant hand rather than left / right it’s because the dominant hand has different energy activated in it.)

The hands are placed over the chakras, which also contain the connections for the various layers of the energy field. The hands also cover acupressure points on the meridians, as well as multiple nadis (energy channels) that carry energy from the meridians. The hand positions link up the energy in specific ways that it allows certain frequencies to be released as they’re generated. 

Other Triggers

Sometimes we use a question to trigger a response from the energy system, rather than a single word or short phrase.

Sometimes we focus on a ‘positive’ word or feeling to trigger a response in the system.  This can mean that stress is being triggered for release.  It can also mean that the system is realigning in response to that trigger.

Ready To Book?

I have a number of packages that include energy clearing. 

A Sprinkle of HEAL gives you a lovely taster of energy clearing if you’re unsure if it’s for you. 

The HEAL You Immersive is my 30 day package and focuses on energy clearing and one strategy action. There will be huge shifts in this short time and you will have the option to extend if you need to. 

The HEAL and Grow Intensive is my 6-month package where we go deep on energy clearing and business strategy. You and your business will be transformed at the end of our time together. 

Reach out to me here if you have any questions before you book.

Here's what my clients think of Energy clearing

“Working with Lisa for energy clearing has been game changing for my business. Over the course of a few months she guided me through all the codes so I could really up-level in my business.

Lisa has a beautiful calm demeanour – a natural coach. I felt safe & supported during the sessions & she took time to explain the importance of self care & the personalised embodiment practices in getting the most from this work.

Shortly after finishing the codes I had not only my biggest sales & cash months in business, but also my largest sales week at over £25,000! All while feeling more joy & trust than ever.

If you’re thinking of working with Lisa to clear your energy & grow your business I 100% recommend it!”

Mindset & Business Coach

Before having the session, I was feeling as if something was ‘off’ with my business. Intuitively, I felt there were a few areas of concern, but I needed clarity and reassurance that those initial thoughts were right – I needed an outside perspective, and that’s what the business audit gave me.

Lisa was able to help me pinpoint the overriding issue that affected those areas of concern, and give me a useful starting point to make positive changes, along with the right Energy Codes needed, to help put me in a more positive and productive mindset space to make those changes”

Consultant, Copywriter & Storyteller

“My business audit + energy clearing session with Lisa was wonderful! It came at the perfect time when I was feeling overwhelmed, uncertain and doubting the best decisions to make for myself + the business. During the course of the hour session, Lisa took me through the auditing process and looked at all the areas of my business, suggesting actions to take when there was an area that needed improvement.

We also did a mindset audit which allowed me to see the areas that I was holding myself back in. Having an outside perspective gave me so much clarity and Lisa followed up with the practical actions I can take to help me achieve my desired results.

I found the session gave me reassurance that I am on the right path, I just need to be more patient!

The energy clearing part of the session was incredible. I felt an immediate release and ended the session feeling like I was floating on cloud 9. I feel much more at peace with myself, the decisions I’m making and my business since my session and would highly recommend booking one if you’re feeling overwhelmed, doubting yourself, aren’t sure what the right next move is or if you want to learn how to improve your business.

Lisa is so friendly and instantly makes you feel at ease whilst you’re speaking with her. Feeling so comfortable made it easy for me to be honest and share things that felt a little vulnerable without worrying that I’d be judged. Lisa is fantastic at what she does and I’m so grateful to have had this session with her.

Confidence & Pricing Coach