Client Love

Client Love

I adore my clients, each and every one of them. Below you will see what they think of working with me. I hope this gives you an idea of what it’s like to work with me. If you’re ready to jump in please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

"My business audit + energy clearing session with Lisa was wonderful! It came at the perfect time when I was feeling overwhelmed, uncertain and doubting the best decisions to make for myself + the business. Lisa took me through the auditing process and looked at all the areas of my business, suggesting actions to take when there was an area that needed improvement. The energy clearing part of the session was incredible. I felt an immediate release and ended the session feeling like I was floating on cloud 9. I feel much more at peace with myself, the decisions I'm making and my business since my session and would highly recommend booking one if you're feeling overwhelmed, doubting yourself, aren't sure what the right next move is or if you want to learn how to improve your business. Lisa is so friendly and instantly makes you feel at ease whilst you're speaking with her. Feeling so comfortable made it easy for me to be honest and share things that felt a little vulnerable without worrying that I'd be judged. Lisa is fantastic at what she does and I'm so grateful to have had this session with her."
Rebecca Hawkes
Confidence & Pricing Coach
"Working with Lisa for energy clearing has been game changing for my business. Over the course of a few months she guided me through all the codes so I could really up-level in my business. Lisa has a beautiful calm demeanour - a natural coach. I felt safe & supported during the sessions & she took time to explain the importance of self care & the personalised embodiment practices in getting the most from this work. Shortly after finishing the codes I had not only my biggest sales & cash months in business, but also my largest sales week at over £25,000! All while feeling more joy & trust than ever. If you’re thinking of working with Lisa to clear your energy & grow your business I 100% recommend it!"
Emma-Louise Parkes
Business & Mindset Coach
""I booked the session with Lisa after a word of mouth recommendation and am so happy that I did! Lisa's aura immediately made me feel comfortable and she's incredibly knowledgeable, warm and positive. I left the session feeling really calm and loved that Lisa checked in several times after our time together. Thank you Lisa!""
Laura Parker
Online Business Manager
"Really useful for an outsider's perspective as I'm obviously too emotionally invested! Lisa was great at helping me focus on the gaps in my business model. She made me focus on areas I'd given little thought to and gently persuaded me to consider those areas that I didn't want to think about! Lisa offered advice on surveys, competitors, business stratergies, aligned marketing systems as well as a little insight into her mindset and energy clearing services. As always, friendly, understanding and professional."
Molly Crowther
Yoga Instructor & Reflexologist
"Before having an online business audit, I was feeling as if something was 'off' with my business. Intuitively, I felt there were a few areas of concern, but I needed clarity and reassurance that those initial thoughts were right - I needed an outside perspective, and that's what the business audit gave me. Lisa was able to help me pinpoint the overriding issue that affected those areas of concern, and give me a useful starting point to make positive changes."
Sarah Whte
Business Storytelling & Heart-Centred Content Consultant
"I have nothing but absolute praise for Lisa. She is patient and kind, and explains the things in simple terms without any judgement! I would 100% recommend Lisa, without hesitation. She understands my business, took the time to dig into my aims, communicates effectively, explains what she needs, empathises with the pressures that I face in terms of work commitments and works with a happy sense of ease and flow. She really is a blessing and I know that as my business grows, she will play a huge part in driving things forward with me. The quality of her work and the advice she gave me is exceptional. Thank you Lisa for a first class service. It’s like having a deep tissue massage! All the stress just goes."
Gill Smith
Nutrition & Mindset Coach
"I think the biggest thing I feel since working with you, is ‘unblocked’ – I’m making quicker decisions because I know you are working really quickly to make things happen and it really feels like a team. I have a tendency to micro-manage, but with you I really feel a great level of trust and a certainty in your abilities that enables me to leave things with you and know you’ll do a great job. I trust you 100% and I love the feeling of momentum, achieving things and making things happen."
Rachel Till
Marketing Consultant & Business Coach
"Lisa is very professional, courteous and helpful. She explains things in the easiest way so that people, who do not have tech as their zone of genius (like me!) , will understand and be able to integrate into their work. She offers solutions to problems you didn't realise would be an issue and that is very much appreciated. Infact, I have used her expertise as a guest speaker in my Resilient Therapists Course, which shows just how much I rate her skills."
Jo Permaul
Homeopath and Coach
"Lisa created exactly the website I dreamed of, with a clear progress system that kept me in the loop, lots of thoughtful touches to make the website even better, and brilliant aftercare. Having my website done has been on my list for an embarrassing amount of years. I’m so glad I went with Lisa when I finally made the jump."
Emma Ward
Coach for Freelancers
"You need Lisa in your life! She makes the complicated simple and takes the stress out of tech. Lisa set up my website and I have used her services on product launches and email marketing. Her templates are excellent and easy to use and she lets you know about things you didn’t even think about. 10 out of 10."
Nicole Higgins
Coach for Product Businesses
"Lisa is the lady you want by your side as you launch because she genuinely cares and wants to find ways in which to take away any stress. She has a lovely way about her and always goes the extra mile. It helps that she's a bit of a tech geek too, so she's more than happy to find new whizzy ways to automated your business. I always recommend Lisa to my clients as I know she'll look after then as she does me. I wouldn't be without Lisa in my business."
Deborah O'Grady
Business Transformation & Alignment Coach
"Lisa is an absolute dream to work with. She has redesigned my new website, created a training platform for me, sorted out my sales funnels and automation and more. She is extremely patient, highly organised, on the ball, and keeps you up to date so that you know what's happening at each part of the process. She takes all of the pressure off you and just sorts the techie side out, which means you get to breathe a sigh of relief and get on with the work you need to do. Lisa is the secret ingredient you need when you're a solopreneur running your own business and juggling many things. I tell everyone about her, she's amazing!!"
Ruby McGuire
Business & Mindset Coach
"Working with Lisa was a dream, she is so patience, kind & helpful in everything she does. She was able to pull everything out of my head even if it didn't make sense to me at the time and lay out a site that I'm super happy with. Nothing was ever too much trouble for her and she is meticulous in everything she does. She explains all the tech stuff in such simple terms & makes it sound less overwhelming. I would highly recommend Lisa for tech & website design, in fact, she is my go to recommendation when I speak with business owners who are looking for help in this area."
Carmel David
Director of Operations
"Lisa's work on my website is amazing. She responds quickly to problems and my website is always fresh and up to date. Lisa also makes the tech easy for me to understand and manage."
Sally Farrant
Pricing Coach
"Lisa added an e-commerce option to my author website to enable me to sell signed copies of my novel. She also provided a recorded tutorial explaining step-by-step how I could then manage the function myself. Lisa has a lovely no-fuss, no-drama approach to tech and was an absolute pleasure to deal. I'm looking forward to working with her again.'
Emma Young
"Lisa build my new website for me and I absolutely love it. Lisa is so easy to work with, everything about her service is top class. She goes over and beyond and offers so much support. I hate anything technical and Lisa made everything so easy for me. I couldn't recommend her enough."
Chelsea Green
"About 10 months ago I decided to be techy and clever and make (what I thought was) a simple tweak to my website. The result was me losing my whole website and all my blog posts of nearly 4 years. In the past I would have massively freaked out. Instead I decided to use it as an opportunity to totally re-write and re-do my website. I put it off for weeks as it just felt so big. (Even though this would be the 4th website I had built by myself.) Eventually I spoke to a friend about outsourcing it and she recommended Lisa Pierce. Thanks to the the tech genius, creative wonder and general superstar that Lisa is, my website is now nearly done. I have just finished the homepage, the end is in sight, and I'm really happy with where it's at now. Thank you Lisa, and to be clear any mistakes or crappy-looking design is all down to me not her!"
Sophie Le Brozec
Life Coach

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