7 strategies to help you grow in 2022

7 strategies to help you grow in 2022

Do you know the type of strategies you need to implement to help you grow in the year ahead? It isn’t something you necessarily think about as you plan your business goals for each period. The focus is often put firmly on planning things that directly bring in the money.

But you’re an essential part of your business. It’s important that you add in some growth strategies that will benefit your business and help you at the same time. So here are 7 strategies that will do just that.

#1: Clarity on your goals will help you grow this year

If you’re not clear on where you’re headed, you’re not going to know in which direction to go. Your goals are your pit stops along the journey. Each one is a sign that you’re moving forward and growing. So it’s essential that you are clear on what you want to achieve in the year ahead and what success looks like for you. 

If you need help getting clear on your goals, check out ‘5 Steps to get clarity on the year ahead’.

#2: Make mindset your first priority

Mindset has to be your first priority if you’re looking for strategies to help you grow in 2022.  Establish a daily routine that works for you and addresses the areas you need to improve. Check out the ‘My daily mindset habits’ blog for ideas on adding mindset activities into your day. 

And don’t be afraid to get help if you find yourself up against a fear or block that you can’t seem to clear. The energy work I do is designed to help clear your blocks and get you to the next level. You’ll find information on the different options for working with me here

#3: Revisit your ideal paying client

Revising your ideal paying client profile is another thing that will help you grow in 2022. Things change over time, including the services you offer and the type of client you prefer to work with. So is your ideal paying client still the same? Do you need to do more research to understand them better? Has their focus or priorities changed since you last profiled them? 

#4: Map out your offers for the year

Once you’ve revisited your ideal paying client, it’s time to map out your offers. Everything you sell and promote in your business must have one clear focus in mind – does it address your ideal paying clients biggest problems? If yes, great! As per the next strategy, you can map out your promotional and launch activities for the year ahead.

#5: Get clear on your marketing strategy

You’ve mapped out your offers; now, how are you going to get them out there? Will you be launching? If so, when? Will you be creating evergreen offers? What type of marketing activities will you be completing to help you grow this year?

Check out ‘7 steps to create an aligned marketing strategy for 2022’ as this will help create a systemised strategy that works for you.

#6: Owning your authority will help you grow

Authority is something that takes time to build, as mentioned in the blog ‘Owning your authority’. But once you start committing to owning your expertise, it will really help you grow.

So how can you own your authority? By committing to moving yourself and your business forward and taking action needed to make that happen. Get clear on the content topics that fit your brand and expertise, and devise a plan to get visible and become known around those subjects.

#7: Know who you need to be this year

Finally, know who you need to be this year. Think about the next level you and what you can do each day to embody that. Doing this will really help you grow in the year ahead. Visualising the future you can help here. Also, ask yourself what the future you would do in any given situation – as this can really help you make decisions from that place.

Personal and professional growth are both key parts of your overall business success. You’re an integral part of your business, and the above 7 strategies are designed to help both you and your business grow in the year ahead. So if you’re looking to reach higher levels this year or scale your business further, ensure you’re factoring in the above strategies to give yourself the best chance of success.

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Lisa Pierce

Lisa Pierce

Lisa is an Online Business + Energy Aliignment Coach. She uses her skills and experience to help business owners who are stuck at a certain level to break through and move forward with confidence and vigour.


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