7 simple automations to set up in your business today

Simple automations can really help turn your business around, as I recently talked about in my top tech and marketing trends blog. Not only do they help it run in a more streamlined fashion, but they can also save you masses of time and enhance the overall customer experience. And the beauty of automations is many of them are relatively quick and straightforward to set up!

So if you’re looking to get some simple automations set up in your business, here are the top 7 I recommend you start with.

[Heads up; this post contains affiliate links. If you click on any of the links within this post and subsequently make a purchase, this may result in me receiving a small commission – at no extra cost to yourself. However, I will only recommend products that I find useful and have personally used myself or for my clients. You can learn more about my privacy policy here.]

#1: Booking appointments

When it comes to simple automations, an appointment booking automation is the easiest to set up. Use a tool such as Calendly, Acuity or even Dubsado, to get leads to book calls in with you. All of them can be synced up to your online calendar, so you’ll never get clashes in your calendar. 

The person booking in the call will only see those slots that are free in your calendar, plus they can then book in a time that suits them too. There’s no going back and forth over email to arrange appointments again – just think about how much time this is going to save you!

#2: Your client onboarding process

When I first started my business, the thing that took up the most time was generating proposals, onboarding clients and invoicing. As much as we all love taking on a new client, the initial setup can be incredibly time-consuming. I now have all of this set up in Dubsado, which makes it so much easier and more streamlined for myself and the client. 

At the moment I have my workflows set up as a semi-automated process, as there are steps in my workflows that I would like to go in and approve before they’re sent. However, Dubsado can make the entire process fully-automated if you’d rather. 

Click here to check out Dubsado for free.

#3: Nurture your leads with simple automations

If you’re looking to nurture a lead once they have signed up to your email marketing list, you’ll want to set up an automation. This enables you to send emails out on autopilot, to keep leads engaged and nurture the relationship. You could even set up several automations, depending on different needs!

To set up lead nurture automations, you’ll want to use an email marketing tool such as Mailerlite or Active Campaign.  Both of them offer you the option of having a free account, so check them both out and see which one you prefer.

Click here to check out Mailerlite.

Check out Active Campaign here

#4: Facebook ads

If you have budget and are looking to bring daily new leads into your business, then you’ll want to set up some Facebook ads. They’re a great way of expanding your reach out to new and existing customers. And if you install the Facebook ad pixel on your website, you can also retarget visitors to your website as well!

#5: Use Canva templates

Although this isn’t 100% automated, using templates does take the time out of thinking about what to write or create in Canva. I have The Viral Content Templates and am in The Viral Content Club, where I get 30 new social media templates and content ideas every month. 

Using templates within my business has saved me loads of time – and is something I recommend you implement within your business too.

#6: Repurposing content

SmarterQueue is a social media scheduling and repurposing tool. I use it to schedule posts in my Facebook Group and repurpose old content. Not only does this save me time and effort, but it also ensures there is always content going out to my Facebook group, no matter how busy I may be.

Click here to check out SmarterQueue

#7: Use Zapier to get your tools talking to each other

Zapier is a great app, and something all businesses can use. It enables you to get your different apps connected, by using ‘zaps’ to create automations that work for you. 

The top zaps I set up for clients include getting Thrivecart to add customers to Kajabi or Kartra and adding PayPal customers into an email automation inside Active Campaign. 

There are so many automations you can use Zapier for. If you can think it, then it will probably be there!

Simple automations can really help turn your business around. The 7 simple automations above will help your business run in a more streamlined fashion, save you lots of time and enhance the overall customer experience. 

So over to you! Which of the above simple automations will you set up next in your business? Why not set aside some time in your diary this week, to set up some simple automations and see how many you can get completed! 


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Lisa Pierce

Lisa is an Online Business + Energy Aliignment Coach. She uses her skills and experience to help business owners who are stuck at a certain level to break through and move forward with confidence and vigour.


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